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December 28 2014


Madonna's Ex-Biz Manager Writes Ebook for $0.99

Michael Jackson and Madonna's Ex-Business Manager Writes Ebook for $0.99

A 58 page ebook may be released for a sales price of $0.99 written by Sam J. Haim. Mr. Haim is the
former business manager for the pop singers Michael Jackson and Madonna within the pre-1990 period. Mr.
Haim was accountable for increasing Madonna's value in 1988 from $90 million to $1.2 billion over
a 18 month period. At the chronilogical age of 26 the writer was promoted to President of Mustang Records, owned
and run by the pop singer Madonna. Within A few months Madonna promoted mcdougal to Chief
Corporate Counsel of Mustang Records. Yet the author never attended law school or paralegal school.

Michael Jackson
Mcdougal started employed by Madonna on the age of 25 at a starting wage of $25 each hour in 1988. By
the end of 1989, the author was being paid a salary of $1 million per week together a business expense
account of $250,000 monthly. The author then was promoted to full partner by Madonna and given a
staggering 50% cut famous Madonna's income from the beginning of her entrance in to the music world. The
author was the best paid manager in the world. Even now nobody continues to be able to match
that number of income from a performer by way of a business manager in a arm's length transaction.

The author will be the founding father of Lionsgate Studios Inc. (est. 1989 - The Hunger Games). The author can also be
the founder of Moe's Southwest Grill with over 325 restaurant locations.

Within this dynamic investment ebook mcdougal discusses one investment concept that can be invested with as
little as $10.00 USD. A purchase can be a sleeper that very few people find out about in the world right
now. The writer is extremely controversial. Mcdougal can be a former director inside the National Security Agency.
The author held the rank of director for that Southern United states of america region. (Director code: #0188). This
ebook will be the second written communication for the American public and also the public at-large in 24 years.

On the initial launch of the ebook america barred the distribution with this ebook. Mr. Snowden
through third parties out of Russian advised the author to move his web site to Moscow to offer the
ebook. The writer has moved the website to Moscow and anticipates that the forced censorship with the
United states of america will cease as well as the Russian government will allow mcdougal to state his 1st
Amendment Right to freedom of expression underneath the U.S. Constitution. Go to getsamsidea.com and
see what all the attention is about.

What's in this ebook that's so controversial the USA would bar �The Greatest Investment of the
21st Century� from being read from your eyes? Precisely what does the U.S. Government fear within the information
which is provided within this ebook?

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